BEGINNERS it is normal for them to start clinging to walls, chairs, posts, road signs, something very similar to a baby, whatever the age, you must learn to walk again, however what others do not know is a process where emotional and physical growth intervenes.

If you consider yourself an apprentice and are at this level, the most suitable skates for you are the BEGINNER style ones. You could also think about the FITNESS and URBAN style especially if you are going to skate very often and aim to progress quickly. When you are clear about what you want in skating, you can know exactly what type of skate to buy and it will even save you money in the future.

It is well known that skating is a very effective sport for aerobic exercise and that in turn helps to tone, so it is recommended for those who are willing to practice skating as a constant physical activity to buy the FITNESS style skates. or URBAN.

URBAN skates are characterized by handling slightly larger sizes and their structure is strong, somewhat similar to the boot of FREESTYLE skates, the difference is that FREESTYLE skates have small wheels to perform acrobatic movements more easily than the sport demands. While URBAN skates have a strong structure to resist contact and shock that can occur at any time.

URBAN skates are good for free skating, characteristic of a City Tour or a ride on the street, just like the FREESTYLE type withstands blows, but its wheels are larger because the goal is to enjoy a good ride accompanied by some movements simple acrobats, like some simple jumps or turns.

People who assume skating as a high performance sport, feel the high speed and adrenaline, two types of skates are recommended according to their specialty. On the one hand, there is SPEED SKATING, which is characteristic of athletes who train and compete on suitable tracks regulated by the International Skate Federation (World Skate), these athletes use professional or RACING skates.

The other modality where more speed is developed even than racing skating, is DOWNHILL, which is a type of skate suitable for developing high speeds made to descend mountains and steep slopes, this is pure adrenaline.

In whatever style you're considering skating, you're making the best decision by joining the skating guild. Skating is one of the most complete sports for physical activity and is available to all people, children, youth and adults.




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